25 September 2009

New Book Review Blog

In the combox on this post, the Ochlophobist suggested that he, Christopher Orr, and I start an anonymous book review blog. I thought it was a nice idea, but unfortunately I’ve been very busy lately. It seems however that the blog—entitled Unmercenary Readers—has nevertheless gotten underway somehow or other, and I have duly added it to my blog roll. There are some rules for contributors to adhere to, but reviews with or without real names are being accepted by the editors. Indeed, one has already been posted—a thorough ripping of Fr Demetrios Constantelos’s Marriage, Sexuality & Celibacy: A Greek Orthodox Perspective (Minneapolis: Light & Life, 1975). Per the Ochlophobist’s original suggestion, plans are also in the works for a ‘book review symposium’ of Norman Russell’s Fellow Workers with God: Orthodox Thinking on Theosis (see this post), with postings of the reviews to commence 16 November.

As I have literally just finished, at long last, Chrestos Yannaras’s Orthodoxy and the West: Hellenic Self-Identity in the Modern Age, trans. Fr Peter Chamberas and Norman Russell (Brookline, MA: Holy Cross, 2006), I will try to write a review in the next several days to be posted here at Logismoi as well as, hopefully, cross-posted at the new Unmercenary Readers blog, pending the editors’ approval.

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