24 January 2011

Climacus Conference, 2011

One reader expressed some interest in my reference in the last post to this year's Climacus Conference in Louisville, KY. I am pleased to announce that the homepage for the conference is up and running (here), and that the roster of speakers and subjects looks very interesting indeed. The two heavyweights in my book are Vigen Guroian, whose talk is entitled, 'On the Real Meaning of Mentor: Readings in Great Literature', and David Bradshaw, whose talk is entitled, 'What is Faith? Plato, Nietzsche, & Christ'. Yours truly will also be giving a talk, with the title, 'In Thy Law Will He Meditate Day & Night: The Study of Scripture & Classical Education'. I have included a two-sentence summary on the homepage which reads as follows:

This talk will draw on scholarly studies of enduring 'oral' qualities in Western literary habits to show how such qualities have traditionally marked Christian 'study' of the Bible, particularly in the monastic milieu. The contemporary relevance of these oral qualities will be emphasized, especially insofar as they dovetail with the methods and aims of Christian classical education.

My friend, Bishop Savas of Troas, tells me he intends to go, and I know that not only Eighth Day Books, merchants attendant at last year's conference, but also the fathers of Holy Cross Hermitage in West Virginia will be setting up tables with their wares this year. I hope to see at least a few Logismoi readers there!


Maximus Daniel said...

My wife and I will be there, along with a contingent from Holy Apostles in Bowling Green. I look forward to the talks and especially some fellowship.

Glad to hear Bishop Savas is coming!

aaronandbrighid said...

Sounds great! I was excited to be able to talk His Grace into coming. It was really disappointing to have missed him in New York last summer.

Sophocles said...

Things at my shop are real tough right now otherwise I would have loved to come out to this event with the chance to meet you and others from around the Orthodox blogosphere. God willing, maybe next time!

John Martin said...

I would love to be there, but I have Seminary-related obligations. I'm actually very interested in the talk about food. I hope you will post synopses of some of the lectures! If you see Fr. Jeremiah Davis, please say hello for me.