17 July 2009

'By Flood or Flame'

My wife and I will be leaving today for fair Memphis and the brooding waters of the Mississippi (‘famed in atrocious song and verse’). While I am taking my laptop and a book or two with me, mine is a bookish blog and I will be without by far the majority of my library. I also hope to be quite busy with real honest-to-goodness physical activity. All of this is to say that there may be little to no blogging going on.

I would like to wish my children many years on their namedays, which Nicholas will celebrate today and Elisabeth (along with my mom—many years to her as well!) on Saturday. I am sorry to be away from them on these days and not to be able to post on their Saints. But perhaps I’ll be able to work something up after we return, belated though it may be.

1 comment:

Ian said...

Many years to Nicholas, Elisabeth and your mum [sorry, mom. :) ]

Prayers for safe travels; God bless. Look forward to hearing from you again when your return -- if not before.