12 July 2009

Update On My Father

Thank you to all who prayed for my father, Stephen. As I mentioned yesterday, he was hospitalised after a series of what looked like increasingly frequent mild seizures, but before they had a chance to figure out what was going on, the episodes stopped. He was discharged this morning, and is supposed to get a heart monitor and see a neurologist about an EEG, but he appears to be in fine health. Of course, it would be nice to know what happened exactly, but we're thankful that he seems to be okay. My sister, who is a physician, got to Tulsa as quickly as she could, spent the night in the room with him, talked with the doctors extensively, and generally kept an eye on everything that happened. She is convinced that he was delivered from a major catastrophe by prayer. Glory to God!

(Addendum) My father sent out this e-mail the other day:

The hospitalist released me the next morning with directives to follow-up with a neurologist. [My sister, Philothei,] contacted Dr Beson who she has referred others to in the past, and he agreed to see me quickly. I had a brain MRI Monday afternoon, and went in this morning (Tuesday) for an EEG (brain wave test). Afterwards he met with us and discussed the findings.

The somewhat bad news is that the left front portion of the brain shows some electrical activity that is consistent with a tendency toward seizure. He said that most commonly that pattern is caused by a brain tumor, mass, growth, or lesions in the brain. The good (extremely good!!) news is that the MRI was totally normal—no tumor, no mass, no growth, no lesions—there's pretty much nothing in there!! So, he said, this could be a reaction to something environmental, something congenital that's just now showing up, or something unknown—and we may never know for sure. He also said, you may never have another one of these episodes the rest of your life. However, to be safe, and to help insure that that's the case, he wants me to take a medication for the foreseeable future that's supposed to help suppress the tendency toward seizure. He said it's a great med—minimal interactions, minimal side effects, and solid results with other patients.

The doctor is requiring some changes, at least temporarily, in lifestyle. Most noticeablely, I'm not supposed to drive for the next few months. He'll reevaluate that in a month when I see him again, but in the meantime, [my mother, Elizabeth,] is my chauffeur! In general, no activity where—if I was to pass out—I would harm myself or others. So no climbing up on the roof, etc. [Elizabeth] did get his assurance that installing flooring products would not be a problem, since I would already be on the floor in the event of losing consciousness!! (Just my luck.) I'm also supposed to avoid sleep deprivation, and for at least the next month, not be alone for extended periods—just in case.

Well, that's my story. Thanks to all who have expressed their concern and prayers. I'm extraordinarily grateful for the people took care of me, and for those who prayed for me. These kinds of moments remind me of the preciousness of life, the importance of family and friends, and God's hand in all things.

During [Philothei's] drive to Tulsa from Oklahoma City Saturday, she was remembering the gospel reading and teaching from our church the previous Sunday. It was the story of the centurion who came to Jesus to ask prayer for his servant. Ultimately, he told Jesus that all He needed to do was speak the word and his servant would be healed. [Philothei] told me that she believed the healing was for me as well, and I certainly am trusting that that is the case. Regardless, I'm reminded afresh that nothing comes my way outside of the will of God, and that He is at work in all my circumstances to shape me into His likeness.

Glory to God for all things!
Steve Taylor


Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

God is merciful!

Anonymous said...

And let me add to Aaron's thanks my own: to all of you who expressed your concerns and offered prayers to the God who loves us all -- Thank you! And most of all: Glory to God for all things! As she drove to Tulsa Saturday, my daughter (Aaron's sister) was impressed to recall the gospel reading from the previous Sunday's liturgy--the story of the centurion who came to Jesus to petition healing for his servant. "Speak the word," he said, "and my servant will be healed." Andrea sensed that that had happened for me as well! Whether that is ultimately the case or not, I give God praise for His loving faithfulness, and for the improvement and healing I've seen to this point in time. Again, thanks to all for your prayers!
Stephen Taylor
Aaron's father

Anonymous said...

God is good!