28 March 2011

Fr Alexis's Book & Logismoic Podcasts

I have been working on getting another homily ready to put up, but in the meantime I was asked by a friend to post a few links. I know I have mentioned before my friendship, dating back to my first visit to Greece in 2001, with Hieromonk Alexis (Trader) of Karakallou Monastery on the Holy Mountain (who is now residing off of the Mountain for health reasons). Well, as many readers may already know, Fr Alexis has recently published a dissertation—completed under the supervision of my own advisor, Anestis Keselopoulos—on the Neptic Fathers and the psychology of Aaron Beck, entitled Ancient Christian Wisdom and Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Therapy: A Meeting of Minds.

Unfortunately, it’s a European academic press, so the volume is quite expensive and is not receiving a great deal of publicity within the Orthodox market. So a mutual friend convinced Fr Alexis to do a series of four guest blog posts introducing this project. I myself would have been happy to host one of the guest posts, but I was afraid that with my infrequent and irregular posting over the last seven months it might not reach much of an audience here at Logismoi. So, here are the first three posts of the series (the third is to be posted on Kevin Edgecomb’s biblicalia this Thursday):

#1 at Mystagogy
#2 at Second Terrace
#3 at The Voice of Stefan

Also, excerpts from the book itself can be read here and here at the Orthodox Christian Information Center. I highly recommend that everybody take a look, and if you are at all able to do so, to support this project by purchasing a copy of the book. We are hoping that there will be enough interest to warrant the publication of a paperback edition.

In other news, my talk from the Climacus Conference (mentioned here), ‘“In Thy Law Will He Meditate Day & Night”: The Study of Scripture & Classical Education’, has been up at Ancient Faith Radio for some time. Those who have not yet heard it can find it here. I had a very good time hanging out with Bishop Savas of Troas, my koumbaros Symeon Branson, my baptisthidi Christopher Daugherity, Maximus Greeson, Andrew Kern, the various members of the Maddex/Sabourin clan, and the Wright family. Also, it was good as usual to see Joshua of Eighth Day Books manning the book table.


Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

A short note on availability of the book in early May 2011: Fr Alexis says that about half of the first printing has sold out already. Copies in US booksellers (including Amazon) were exhausted, but a new shipment is on its way. So the price of available new copies should go back down to "only" about $80 or so.

I look forward to reading the whole book!

James said...

Great book. There's another book put out by Alexander Press that compares the Orthodox Tradition to a modern psychologist. I read the latter book years ago, but forgot the title. Anyone know the author or title of the Alexander Press book?