28 December 2018

I was recently skimming over an article by Archbishop Alexander Golitzin that I first read somewhere around 2001 or 2002, and I noticed something interesting in a passage he cites from the Dionysian 'Celestial Hierarchy' (13.4; 304c). Describing the role of the angelus interpres in the prophet's vision in Isaiah 6, the text states, 'Under the illuminating guidance of this angel he was raised up to such a sacred contemplation...' [1] Vladyka Alexander gives in brackets the Greek word translated as 'guidance' here as χειραγωγία. Within seconds of closing the article, I realised that this is an exact Greek equivalent of the Latin manuductio that looms so large in the study of medieval theology by Peter Candler that I was just readingTheology, Rhetoric, Manuduction!

[1] Pseudo-Dionysius: The Complete Works, tr. Colm Luibheid (NY: Paulist, 1987), p. 179.