02 July 2012

Blogging into Graceland

Good news, Logismoi readers! One of the two blogs most directly influential on my own decision to start blogging way back in 2008 is back after a one-year hiatus. Five years ago or so, I thought blogging was for whiny narcissists with nothing to say. Then I discovered Ora et Labora, by the inimitable anonymous blogger, Felix Culpa, and Voice of Stefan, by the equally inimitable New Testament expert and Puerto Rican immigrant, Esteban (pronounced es-TAY-bonn) Vázquez. Ora et Labora, sadly, is now defunct and is not likely ever to be revived, but Esteban has vowed to return to the fray and swell our ranks. 

It seems he is not unchanged, however. Continuing his pursuit of an esoteric obsession with folk singer, Paul Simon—whom he believes, along with his erstwhile harmoniser, Art Garfunkel, to be one of the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11:3-12—Esteban has altered the name of the blog to Bouncing into Graceland, a reference not so much to the famous Memphis home of Elvis Presley, as to some Simon lyrics considered by Esteban to be the very epitome of greatness. 

It is likely that we will hear more of the ‘infallible’ Moisés Silva and (theologically) liberal-killing J. Gresham Machen, that we will be treated to snide dismissals of ‘militant Americanist Orthodox’ and triumphant postings of music videos in Serbian. I urge everyone to follow Bouncing into Graceland eagerly. Ad blogges!


Esteban Vázquez said...

Ad blogges, indeed! Thank you for your kind words. I will, of course, charitably overlook such willful as the scare quotes around the word "infallible" and the suggestion that dedicated attention to the Paul Simon oeuvre is "esoteric." You're welcome.

Your readers should be aware, of course, that my posts typically major on shtick, tripe, and shibboleths, and should only be read as a light diversion from substantive pieces such as yours.

Oh, and that is a beautiful illustration of St Stefan of Dečani. Where did you find it?

Aaron Taylor said...

'shtick, tripe, and shibboleths' is a priceless, if not wholly accurate, description! And of course I myself indulge in my share of these...

The illustration was the result of Google image search for 'Stefan Decanski'. It shouldn't take long to find the source if you use those words.

Esteban Vázquez said...
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Esteban Vázquez said...

Er... I mean to say, "such willful slights," etc. The editor clearly nodded, and consequently has been sacked. Thank you.

Such as do not indulge in shtick, tripe, and shibboleths at least from time to time simply take themselves too seriously, and are probably not worth reading on account of that fact alone.

And many thanks for the keyword guidance!

Aaron Taylor said...

You're welcome! I believe I mentally inserted the word 'provocations' into your lacuna. ;-)