14 February 2009

The Return of Felix Culpa

For those who are not yet aware, there is glorious news in the Orthodox blog world: my absolute favourite blog, Ora et Labora, by the incomparable 'Felix Culpa' (a clergyman of the Russian Church Abroad), has returned after a hiatus of some nine months. It was probably Ora et Labora more than any other blog that inspired me to begin Logismoi, and when the posts ceased I actually continued to return to the site every day for a couple of weeks just hoping that it was merely an unusually long lapse. Finally, I largely gave up hope, but while Felix Culpa's last post had already gone up nearly three and a half months before the first Logismoi post, I went ahead and added him to the blogs that I follow as well as to my 'Blog Roll' just 'because'. So this morning when I finally opened up my Blogger Dashboard, lo and behold, I saw, to my astonishment, a new post! My loyalty did not go unrewarded. Sniff, sniff.

The ever-alert Kevin Edgecomb has already posted on this as well. I only hope people do not begin to neglect Logismoi in order to read the superior posts on Ora et Labora, though I can't say I blame them if they do!


Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

Thank you for your compliment, Aaron! I would have noticed his return only a few minutes later than I did, if Matthew hadn't left me a comment that Felix Culpa had begun posting again. I've been checking his blog daily, along with all the others.

You are posting many fine things, Aaron, with much work put into them, with great enthusiasm. Your posts are edifying and encouraging. It's always a joy to find what you've managed to put together each day. What a blessing! I'm sure others are edified also. So, keep up the good work!

JLB said...

I suppose I linked to one of his older posts at just the right time, then! ;)

Maximus Daniel said...