21 March 2010

Finding St Mary of Egypt

I’ve already put up my usual daily post today, but I noticed on StatCounter that it looked like someone may have had difficulty finding last year’s post for the feast of St Mary of Egypt—a post which may have some interest since today is the Sunday of St Mary of Egypt. Anyway, I thought I would post a link to it (here), as well as a hymn or two from the Vigil for those like me who unfortunately missed it:

Sessional Hymn
Tone Eight

All the rebellious impulses of the flesh thou hast subdued by thine ascetic labours, showing the many courage of thy soul. Desiring to behold the Cross of the Lord, O honoured Mother, in sanctity thou hast crucified thyself unto the world, and thou hast sought with eagerness to emulate the angels in their way of life. Therefore with faith we honour thy memory, O blessed Mary, and we pray that full remission of our sins may be given to us through thine intercessions. [1]

And here is the final sticheron from Lauds. Let us take it to heart as we prepare for the final week of the Great Fast:

Tone One

The Kingdom of God is not food and drink, but righteousness and abstinence with holiness: and so the rich shall not enter into it, but those who entrust their treasures to the hands of the poor. This is what David the Prophet teaches us, saying: The righteous man shows mercy all the day long; his delight is in the Lord, and walking in the light he shall not stumble. All this was written for our admonition, that we should fast and do good; and in exchange for earthly things may the Lord reward us with the things of heaven. [2]

One final thing: today I will choose the winner of the book giveaway! I shall make the announcement tomorrow and post all of the entries.

[1] The Lenten Triodion, tr. Mother Mary & Archim. Kallistos (Ware) (South Canaan, PA: St Tikhon’s Seminary, 1994), pp. 452-3.

[2] Ibid., p. 461.

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