01 May 2009

Eastern Christian New Media Awards

Josephus Flavius, of the Eastern Christian New Media Awards blog, has asked me if I would mind announcing that nominations are open for their 2009 blog awards. So, nominations are open for the Eastern Christian New Media Awards blog awards! Go to the website and send in your votes for:

Best Church News Blog

Best Domestic Church Blog

Funniest Blog

Best Individual Blog

Best Group Blog

Best Theology Blog

Most Visually Attractive Blog

Personally, I prefer 'old media', but there are one or two blogs I enjoy! The photo of Eastern Christians above, incidentally, shows, left to right, the newly tonsured Monk Basil (Krivocheine), the future Archbishop of Brussels (MP); Archimandrite Kiryk; Prince Dimitry Alexeyevich Shahovskoy, the future Bishop John of San Francisco (Metropolia), who was tonsured by Fr Kiryk shortly after this picture was taken; Archimandrite Tikhon, the future Archbishop of San Francisco (ROCOR); and Monk Sophrony (Sakharov). The photo was taken at St Panteleimon Monastery, Mt Athos, 1926.


Byzantine, TX said...

Also note the two new fields; Best Podcast and Best Forum. Thanks for posting!

Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

Wow! What an awesome photo! Think of the discussions in such a group.

Aaron Taylor said...

Josephus> Thanks for pointing this out.

Kevin> I know! I was blown away when I first saw it (in the improved Fr Seraphim biography).

christian magazine said...

Nice pic... but what are the criteria?

Aaron Taylor said...

As far as I know, there aren't really any rigidly defined criteria. It's just whatever you like!

Of course, the person to ask is Mr Josephus Flavius, above. Click on the name to go to his Blogger profile, and you can find his e-mail address there.

Byzantine, TX said...

There are, to be honest, not that many blogs centering in on the Eastern Churches. The number is growing, but the Awards can still accept all comers and let the people decide at voting time. We expect this not to be true next year as - even at the scale we're talking about - the numbers will get too large to countenance 200+ entrants.